Recovery from fear of failure and motivation loss

Regaining confidence and motivation feels like a new beginning. The DAREDEVILS method is immediately applicable and will give quick results. By overcoming fear of failure you will completely change your life.

Daredevils on DutchbuzZ

In this interview Pia Crul gives us a short impression about the Daredevils method which is a translation from the Dutch method LEFGASTEN. It is a training-course for gaining more self-confidence and a better motivation to

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Joint book presentation

Joint book presentation by Allison Ochs and Pia Crul on Saturday, March 30th 14:00-17:00 at the ABC, Lange Poten 23 in The Hague. We’re thrilled to host a joint book presentation by Allison Ochs and Pia

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Daredevils and the concept of fear of failure

I have been concerned with fear of failure in all its forms for more than 20 years now and I have developed a method in which the word fear of failure is deliberately hardly used. What

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Daredevils in the American Book Centre

I am honoured to announce that from this week Daredevils for teenagers and Daredevils for students are not only available on my website and on but also in the American Book Centre in the Hague

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Daredevils in South Africa

In november 2017 I gave a few workshops at the Congress of Fear of Failure, organised by Art Nieuwenbroek. I had a chat with him at the end of the day and he told me about

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Seminars at the British School

Two weeks ago I was asked to give three seminars at the British School in Voorschoten.

I gave a talk about stress and blockades in school and what you can do about it. Therefore you need

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Interview with an English Daredevils trainer

My name is Dale Newman, born in London, England but I’ve been living in The Netherlands for the last 28 years. After a long technical education and career, I found my way into the education system.

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Two years ago I was invited to give a presentation at the Congress of Behaviour and Social Sciences in Groningen. The subject was the relationship between perfectionism and success and the title of my story was:

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Presentation at Webster University

I am honored that I have been asked to give a presentation about motivation to a group of psychological students of the Webster University in my hometown (!) Leiden. Recovery of motivation blocks can make a

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First print of Daredevils

After writing LEFGASTEN with success (almost 4000 books sold now), I decided to translate this method in English for teenagers as well as for students under the name DAREDEVILS. As the title suggests, the main goal

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