Training courses for teens and students

As a teacher and trainer I provide trainings for teenagers and students with fear of failure.
I prefer to describe fear of failure as suffering from blockades in school or study, which often lead to mental blocks, procrastination and loss of motivation – when this has become a pattern. Eventually this could effect your whole life and self esteem.

These trainings are given one-on-one at home (yours or mine) or at school in little groups when school initiates the trainings for example with examstress.
In case of individual trainings I usually start with a diagnose conversation before we start the sessions. For teenagers contact with parents and school is important to help the recovery process. Students determine for themselves who they want to involve.
Please contact me if you are interested.

Teacher training

Because the attitude of the teacher has great influence on the learning and confidence of pupils, they play an important role in preventing, coping with or even in curing stress. That’s why I also provide teacher trainings at school with a group of 6 to 10 teachers. These training lasts about 4 hours and the topics are mental blocks, the working of the brain, expectations, motivation and perfectionism. Everything is based on the practical situation at school.
Please contact me if you need more information.

Education for trainers of fear of failure

Since this method has proven to be ‘evidence based’ for more than 15 years, a lot of Dutch teachers, psychologists or councillors have become an official trainer of the Daredevils method. (Lefgasten in Dutch). This course takes 4 days and is situated in Leiden.
I’d like to give this education also to English for those who work or are related to the international schools in Holland. The education is accreditated by CRKBO and CPION. Please contact me if you are interested to become a Daredevils-fear of failure trainer.

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  • Ana Clara

    I am a high school student that worked with Pia and the Daredevils method for a few sessions. This method helped me to identify negative thought patterns and to learn how to change them. Although the tips and tricks are seemingly simple, a matter of simply changing one word of your thought sometimes, this method is incredibly effective. The best part is, although we worked on specific thought patterns during our sessions, I feel confident that I am able to apply the method in any future situations where I find negative thoughts slipping back into my mind. It is very easy to apply and has truly helped me.

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